Looking & Seeing – an invitation

Looking & Seeing
an [IN]Site residency with David Rudlin at City Arcadia

This is an Invitation to work with award winning Urbanist David Rudlin (URBED), recent winner of the Wolfson Prize at City Arcadia as part of the [IN]Site Programme.

David Rudlin enters a one-week residency at City Arcadia with ‘Looking & Seeing’ from 10am on Tuesday 14th October.

We are offering 15 people the opportunity to engage with Rudlin during this residency, which will centre around the making, mapping and modelling of Coventry city centre in plasticine.

Sessions will run from 10am-5pm on Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th October. They are free and open to students and the public and can be booked individually or as 4 complete days.

During this time we aim to explore the Past, Present and Imagined Future of Coventry’s radical planning history.

Join us and book in to engage, participate and exchange with the building of a city.

A public talk about Looking & Seeing will be given by Rudlin at 5:30pm on Tuesday 14th October. The residency will conclude with a reception at 5:30pm on Friday 17th October. An exhibition of the modelling process then continues in City Arcadia to 23rd October.

Places are limited to 15 for the residency sessions and 25 for the talk. Book now by emailing curators@city-arcadia.co.uk

— Residency Outline —

Looking & Seeing – The Heart of the City
An [IN]Site residency with David Rudlin at City Arcadia

October 14th-17th 2014, 10am-5pm daily

Public talk Tuesday October 14th at 5:30pm
Exhibition reception Friday October 17th 5:30pm

David Rudlin will be working from the historical basis of a meeting in 1951 in Hoddleston in Hertfordshire, between members of the International d’Architecture Moderne. The theme of this congressional meeting was ‘The Heart of the City’, with a focus on town and city centres.

The star turn was the Coventry City Architect D.E.E. Gibson, who told delegates that his plans represented ‘the first time that a central area (had been) analysed in terms of its main uses and a plan drawn up which retained only those necessary to its correct functioning’. Coventry was the future; a functional, efficient town centre in which the traffic flowed, the air was clean and which civilisation could flourish.

Looking and Seeing is an attempt to recapture some of the idealism of those more optimistic times and to understand what it was that D.E.E. Gibson and his colleagues were trying to do in Coventry.

Looking & Seeing is broken down into three parts:

1: Mapping: Modernism V Tradition

A series of large-scale ground plans contrasting the Modernist city centre with its planned and unplanned predecessors.

2: An Artist’s Impression: Architects always produce visualisations of what their schemes will look like when complete – full of smiling happy people beneath blue skies. What is the reality of our cities?

3: The Malleable City: A large-scale plasticine model of Coventry built by residency participants at a scale of 1:1000 (5m square). It is meant to illustrate how the city can regrow and repair itself.

The process of making, mapping and modelling will be filmed and animated, leaving a lasting legacy to this unique residency.

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