Looking & Seeing – the building of a city with David Rudlin

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David Rudlin @ City Arcadia

Looking & Seeing

This city, Coventry City.

David Rudlin arrived into City Arcadia to build a plasticine city.

Rudlin is a Master Planner.

He is a sculpture, a self-professed weaver of land and space.

Roads, pavements, kerbs, squares, trees, lighting, street furniture, open plots for buildings to be designed and erected.

He has to consider much, the patterns of highways and byways, routes of transit and flow, the shape of imagined landscapes and places.

Rudlin arrived into Coventry to examine the historical fabric of a city that has undergone some extra-ordinary transformations in its overall design as ‘place’.

We began with a large scale map of Coventry in 1906. We concluded with N O W.

This selection of images represents the week-long process, featuring: David Rudlin, City Arcadia Curators Laura Elliott & Michael Mayhew, second year Coventry University Architecture students, visitors, inhabitants of Coventry and guests at David Rudlin’s talk and the launch on Friday 17th October 2014.

A Looking & Seeing Dossier with David Rudlin will soon be released. A time lapse film of the process of building a city will also be placed here shortly.

Next, the building of a TABLE.

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