Tuesday 27th January 2015
5:15pm arrival for 5:30pm start
City Arcadia, 32 City Arcade, Coventry, CV1 3HW
Places limited, please confirm your place by emailing curators@coventry-artspace.co.uk


City Arcadia presents the final Autumn/Winter talk of the [IN]Site programme: an open exchange that aims to expose and reveal the unique qualities of Coventry as a historical test bed for new ideas and introduce creative responses and approaches to the building of a city.

On Tuesday 27th January at 5:30pm, Aysar Ghassan gives an introductory public talk exploring the language and philosophy of the Modernist project.

Love or loathe their creations, Modernist designers and architects were famous for dreaming up many of the most iconic buildings, products and furniture of the 20th Century. The merits of their work are still debated to this day. Modernism continues to touch all of our lives and to influence new generations of creative professionals.

Modernism was driven by a strong desire to benefit society. In this talk, Aysar Ghassan will be exploring the philosophy underpinning this movement. In particular, he will unpick some of the important words and phrases used by influential modernists in their attempt to justify their visions.

Aysar Ghassan’s role as a Senior Lecturer in Automotive and Transport Design at Coventry University is underpinned by his research and his experience as a multifaceted practitioner. His research interests include contributions to the debate on the future of design education as well as attempts to frame a contextual understanding of user-experience practice and design for sustainability. Aysar also writes journalistic articles intended at disseminating design research to a broader audience, most recently for Artsthread.com.


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