Cathedral hosts HUNGER at the TABLE November 5th

HUNGER arrives at Coventry Cathedral
6pm, Thursday 5th November 2015

Are you hungry and what are you hungry for?

Sunday November 1st marked one year since Artspace’s City Arcadia project Curators Laura Elliott & Michael Mayhew collaborated with Architect Yoana Krasteva to design and build the Coventry TABLE and host two meals in the City Arcade 1960s shopping precinct during the 2014 Coventry Peace Festival.

Since then you may have heard about (and hopefully had a chance to visit) the TABLE in situ whilst it has been on residency at Sir Basil Spence’s modernist Coventry Cathedral. As of June this year, it has continued to serve as an object that stimulates and promotes gatherings, meetings and conversations in the setting of this iconic location.

On Thursday November 5th, the TABLE will once again play host to a specially designed meal event called ‘Hunger’, celebrating Coventry Peace Festival 2015 and six months in residency at the Cathedral,

‘Hunger’ is a gathering that brings people together from across the city to share in a series of themed conversations about what shapes and defines culture and the role that our eating styles, habits and preferences play within that. Alongside topical discussions inspired by Coventry’s proposed City of Culture 2021 bid and , street food representing different areas of the World and also areas of the city centre will be served.

Elliott & Mayhew say:

” “Planning this event has been an utterly different experience for us than any of the City Arcadia events we have produced to date.

“The Cathedral is a wildly different environment to the City Arcade. The act of hosting our first two meals in the arcade was an act of transformation and a question about how public spaces are used and can be inhabited in the future.

“Through our ‘Hunger’ event, the intention is to bring the city and its high street into the Cathedral and to encourage discussions about how people attending feel about the future of the city, how cultures are represented, inhabit and will inhabit the city going forward. The Cathedral is an ideal location as the centre-piece of the Modernist post-war redevelopment of Coventry and an icon of the zeal and optimism about the city’s future.

“‘Hunger’ is revisiting this conversation in light of the City of Culture 2021 bid announcements and asks about who and what ‘cultures’ might be represented within that., Speaking with caterers that usually feed different people, tastes, faiths and dietary requirements we asked ‘who feeds who?’ in the city. What we’ve ended up with is a reflection of these responses in food and topics, which will be offered up on the evening by City Arcadia networks and some of the artists we are working with” ”

After inviting the World into the Cathedral, Elliott & Mayhew will be sending the TABLE and its purpose to foster more conversations back out again, by way of a limited edition dossier which acts as a flat pack manual for building the TABLE in other locations. It will be posted to arts and community organisations throughout Coventry’s sister cities following the ‘Hunger’ event.

Artspace would like to thank Arts Council England, Coventry City Council and Coventry Cathedral for supporting this event.

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