A year on and we are delighted with The TABLE and the City Arcadia partnerships and events that continue to evolve it in space, structure and purpose. Our ‘Hunger’ event at The TABLE on November 5th at Coventry Cathedral was a night filled with diversity, conversation and culture.

Hunger’ brought people together from across the city to share in a series of themed conversations about what shapes and defines culture and the role that our eating styles, habits and preferences play within that. Alongside topical discussions inspired by Coventry’s proposed City of Culture 2021 bid, street food representing different areas of the World and also areas of the city centre was served.

The foods were the focal point of the evening and led the conversations on an array of many subjects into the night.

Delivering topics of conversation were City Arcadia commissioned artists  Sandra Bougerch & Ashok Mistry supporting a table of love and romance of the city. This island of conversation delivered humorous undertones on the visionary of what love is in Coventry, with ‘the tango’ performed by some guests.

Our guest speaker  Michael Barnes Wynters who is actively involved with Hull’s City of Culture programme for 2017 brought to the table, ideologies and theories of culture and how we evolve these into great experiences for the city. This was  immensely popular conversation among guests.

Jackie Haynes, part of the research&development programme for City Arcadia brought introspective view of her ‘soft joints’ project which kept guests in contemplative discussion.

These conversations proved to be truly engaging experience, as feedback from one guests states:

“In addition to the conversations that were more personal in nature, there were many professional conversations that if also caught were surprising but that was very inspiring. The potential to collaborate and meet others.  A future dance project is in discussion and this would have never happened had the evening not set things in motion.”

We would like to say a special thank you to Coventry Cathedral and to the five outstanding restaurants that worked with us to provide a truly global menu – This city fed us.

Nobody went hungry on Thursday 5th November and each restaurant continues to feed the city on a daily basis.

CHI BAR FED US https://www.facebook.com/eat.chibar/?fref=ts

DRAPERS FED US https://www.facebook.com/Drapers-Bar-Kitchen-142982748392…/…

MY DHABBA FED US https://www.facebook.com/MyDhabbaCoventry/?fref=ts

A.G.G. FED US https://www.facebook.com/aggsworld/?fref=ts

SULTAN FED US https://www.facebook.com/sultanturkishrestaurantcoventry/…

Best wishes,

The Arcadia Team

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