Adam Steiner



Abstract – To re-imagine city structures combined with sound – city songs – as 3D printed objects.

Adam Steiner will produce 9 sculptures based upon sites across Coventry city centre. The designs will incorporate written word recordings, resonant frequencies and photography.


Adam Steiner’s poetry and fiction appear in BoscRev: 4, The Weary Blues, The Stare’s Nest, ShoutOut UK, 3:AM, The Cadaverine, Spontaneity, Abridged 0-13, The Literateur, Nostrovia! SquawkBack, NOUS. Anthologies: Interpal – Palestine Verses, Fugue 1 (Siren Press), Poems Underwater, Stepaway – Voicewalks (Durham University).

Adam was selected for the 2014 Ó Bhéal Coventry-Cork Twin Cities Poetry Exchange and was part of the Coventry SHOOT Festival, 2014. He is Creative Projects Lead of Silhouette Press and is Manager of the Disappear Here project.