Adrian Baynes

waiting godiva jpg

Coventry is fortunate to have a wide variety of statues & artwork in the City Centre.

Like most cities, these tend to be taken for granted. This project aims to give people a new perspective & appreciation of art in the city. The first artwork to be considered is the Lady Godiva clock in Broadgate. The clock features an animated figure of Lady Godiva on her horse & above her, Peeping Tom.

The proposal is to create a series of raised platforms to allow the public to get up close. The platforms will comprise of self propelled scissor lifts with concertina shrouds printed with images of one of Coventry`s iconic high rise tower blocks. They will rise up to give two members of the public & an operator, an intimate view of Lady Godiva. There will be an architectural cluster of lifts aroundthe clock. The work is not only about viewing art, it is about participating in a shared discovery. To see something well known in a new light, creating an unexpected awareness. This close attention to the physical & social characteristics of the City can be used as a template for further forensicinvestigations of Coventry. The public being invited to suggest other items of interest they would like to see in a new light.