Arcadia Futures

A research programme that explores Coventry through a multiple of lens, enabling Coventry to explore and perceive itself a new

Being made in Coventry for the month of January with City Arcadia.

Busy month with visitors & Research Research Research with City Arcadia – Sandra Bouguerch & Ashok Mystery Romance the City – search for love of a city – it has so far revealed some curious insights into how citizens of Coventry perceive their city – LOVE – HATE – ? – Arriving this week we have Mark Greenwood & Cathy Butterworth researching Coventry in all its possible guises / this will culminate in a truly Coventry special /Greenwood & Butterworth are booked to be in residency @ City Arcadia to start 26 actions from May 8th ~ a new arrival into City Arcadia are Lara Haworth & Lucy Hayhoe Researching Coventry’s urban geography as a New National Park – Visiting this week is Spencer Graham who is collecting every vinyl recording of songs with the word Coventry set within its melodies / The ultimate Mixed Tape!

Made In Coventry through City Arcadia, an Artspace project.