City Arcadia Festival Summer ‘16


design12 brightertCoventry Artspace Partnerships is grateful to many organisations for their support of the City Arcadia Festival, including particularly The Albany Theatre and The Tin Music and Arts Centre, Coventry Cathedral, Arts Council England and Coventry City Council.

The City Arcadia Festival will take place from 22nd June to 7th July 2016 and will be the final event of the two year project.  The programme brings together a collection of innovative work by talented British artists from Coventry and beyond inviting audiences to explore particular sites and features of our city’s experience. It encourages us to share and re-evaluate perceptions of our unique and special post-war story and to discuss the future…join us to find out more…

12: 45pm 22nd June The Festival opens at Coventry Cathedral when Rob Hamp’s piece A Silent Ska will be launched with a short talk from the artist.  This project has been supported by the Rugby based company Subscan Technology and has involved the innovative use of ground penetrating radar to create a new audio piece straight from the Coventry ring road.  This event is dedicated to the late Brian Redknap, the City Engineer who did so much to develop and build the innovative and iconic Coventry ring road.

7:00pm 23rd June   We warmly invite the people of Coventry to the launch of Amelia Crouch’s short film Tomorrow Belongs to Nobody, exploring our relationship with the post-war architecture of the city.  The film will be screened, with a talk from the artist, at the The Albany Theatre, The Butts CV1 3BH. This event will also include a screening of the affecting 1945 docu-drama A City Re-born, scripted by Dylan Thomas, directed by John Eldridge and featuring James McKechnie and Bill Owen.

3:30 – 5:00pm 24th June Welcome to Coventry Beach!  A very special seaside treat for landlocked Coventry! Come along to Shelton Square to take some special holiday snaps in the wonderful world of Sadie Hennessy’s snowglobe.  Find us, and perhaps a holiday souvenir, at City Arcadia Gallery at 5:30pm for a talk from the artist.

2:00pm 25th June Join us and artist Spencer Graham in The Tin Music and Arts Centre at The Canal Basin CV1 4LY for a very Coventry focused listening experience with the launch of Coventry: City-Specific Listening.  This piece features a compilation cassette through which the artist invites us to consider how city-specific listening, and the changing nature of audio production, affects our listening experience and perceptions. The event will also include a demo from the curators of Synth Curious.

7:00pm 25th June Read the Future of the City by Lauren Heywood is launched at The Coventry Table in City Arcade.  Hear from the artist and have a go at using the cards to develop your games and explore the city’s past and present, perhaps even tell its future.

4:00pm 28th June Visit the gallery at City Arcadia to toast all the commissions alongside some of the research and development work that has been undertaken on behalf of the City Arcadia project

5:00pm 4th & 5th July Meet artists Lucy Haworth and Lara Hayhoe of New National Parks (NNP) to find out about their research and development work and take a walk with them around a slice of New National Park Coventry.

8:00pm 5th July Petcha Kucha Night  ‘My City of Culture’ comes to City Arcadia Gallery, with a bar provided by The Tin Music and Arts Centre.  Hear from all the R&D artists, and others, about why Coventry is their City of Culture.


Gallery Opening Times