TOMORROW VERSUS YESTERDAY Saturday 12th September 2-4pm

Coventry the Future City - courtesy of David Rudlin

Starting from City Arcadia’s creative headquarters at 32 City Arcade, CV1 3HW
Saturday 12th September, 2-4pm

We are delighted to invite you to the following event in association with RIBA during the forthcoming Heritage Open Days weekend:

TOMORROW VERSUS YESTERDAY is a 2-hour walking tour of Coventry’s most exemplary Modernist buildings to explore their historic significance in shaping Coventry as a ‘future city’ and their role in inspiring the 10 City Arcadia artistic projects taking place between now and June next year.

The walk is hosted by City Arcadia curators Laura Elliott & Michael Mayhew with Aya Dibsi.

Aya is an Architect interested in art, art history and the symbolism of buildings. She qualified at the Budapest University of Engineering & Economics and the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Aleppo, Syria. Before arriving in the UK, Aya worked in several architectural planning, design and consultation offices, contributing to interior and exterior design of old and new buildings.

During the walk, Dossier #3 Looking & Seeing by urban planner David Rudlin will be launched.

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WELCOME TO THE FUTURE: City Arcadia Commissions Now Living

Following our official WELCOME TO THE FUTURE City Arcadia launch event on Friday 31st July, the creative ‘proposition’ projects that will be taking place throughout Coventry’s pedestrianised precincts and Modernist vistas between August 2015 and June 2016 are now live to view online.

We are delighted to announce the artists working in collaboration with Laura Elliott & Michael Mayhew over the next year are:

Lauren Heywood
Martin O’Brien
Amelia Crouch
Sandra Bouguerch and Ashokkumar Mistry
Justin Wiggan and Creative Health
Mark Greenwood and Cathy Butterworth
Jessie Brennan
Spencer Graham
Rob Hamp
Sadie Hennessy

Over the forthcoming weeks and months, more information and event details associated with these projects will emerge. In the mean time see for our current events programme.

As part of artist Ryan Hughes’ outdoor sculptural installation ‘Marking the Internet and the Physical’ located in the covered courtyard of the City Arcade (Coventry, CV1 3HW) until September 2015, visitors can also see large scale versions of the commissioned artist images, with QR codes linking directly to the online information.

A list of the 13 Research & Development projects running alongside the main commissions will also be presented on this website shortly.

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TABLE: A project with City Arcadia and Yoana Krasteva

This month, Artspace curators Laura Elliott & Michael Mayhew with Coventry University Architecture graduate Yoana Krasteva, are marking the beginning and end of Coventry Peace Festival by inviting twenty-four people to join them for a meal; sharing in food from across the world and good conversation in the 1960s ‘City Arcade’ shopping precinct.

Part of Artspace’s two-year City Arcadia project exploring the past, present and imagined future of Coventry city centre, these creative collaborators are designing and building a 32-foot long TABLE that will bring people together to celebrate the city’s unique role as a City of Peace, Reconciliation and Equality.

The meals will be a chance to talk about future/community in Coventry city centre between the varying faiths, cultures and nationalities that flourish within it and to enjoy the many foods that are available to its inhabitants because of Coventry’s diverse make up.

The design and build templates for the TABLE will be published and sent to arts and community organisations throughout Coventry’s sister cities and the world. The Coventry TABLE will continue to act as a space for bringing people together in the city and its next stop will be FarGo Creative Village.

Yoana, the TABLE designer, says:

“What better social activity do human beings partake in than the sharing of food? Food is the celebration of life and people and is an essential part of every festival. Food plays a crucial role in building communities, it should be shared with other people.

Sharing food and conversation brings people together and feeds us on multiple levels. I’ve tried to design a table for people to become not only community, but family.”

For more information about the TABLE, the meals and what happens next contact Laura & Michael at, Tweet us @covartspace @thisismayhew or Facebook us