Rob Hamp

Rob Hamp Silent SkaRob Hamp’s City Arcadia project “The Slient Ska” involves taking a real-time data recording of the 2.2 miles of Coventry Ring Road using Ground Penetrating Radar techniques. This recording will provide a continuous documentation of what is on the surface ‘on the face of it’ and ‘what lies beneath’, resulting in a historical cross-referencing diagram showing the construction, condition, man-made make up, any anomalies, thickness of each material element, reinforcing and “Ska’s”.

This repetitive data gathering exercise will resonate with the Ska music synonymous with the city through its visual similarity and constant regularity and this connection will be further cemented with the production of a limited edition vinyl of the recording.

A Silent Ska Event-  Taken place on the 22nd June 2016 at the Coventry Cathedral.

Coventry Artspace‘s City Arcadia Festival launched today with a fabulous event in the Cathedral. Fabulous work, people and building. A great tribute to city engineer Brian Redknap, and beautifully haunting music created from scanning the ring road by artist Rob Hamp. Don’t worry folks if you missed it, you can still get to hear it down at the City Arcadia Gallery until the 7th July, see the other commissions and attend a whole list of events, including a trip to Coventry Beach…. ”

Summary by Nicola Richardson

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