Sadie Hennessy

me lalo.jpgSadie Hennessy is an artist and ‘shenanigator’ . She creates 2D and 3D collages, installations and live events and has exhibited widely in the UK and beyond. She is interested in memory and nostalgia and often uses souvenirs in her work. There is a lot of humour in her work though it often comes from the blacker end of the comic spectrum. Her recent public art events include ‘My First Tattoo’ (a tattoo parlour for children), ‘Souvenirs of Cliftonville’ (celebrating Margate’s most rundown suburb) and ‘Boombox’, a sound installation set in a Reliant Robin on Portland Bill. She lives and works in Whitstable, Kent with her 2 children, and a Basset Hound called Dennis. She has an MA in Fine Art from Central St. Martin’s and is licensed to sell wines and spirits.

Coventry Beach

The  post-war city-planners had almost realised their Utopian vision for Coventry – but  suddenly remembered that they had overlooked one vital thing if they were to make Coventry  the best place to live in Britain – if not the world! An emergency meeting was called and plans were soon drawn up for the creation of Coventry Beach.    Donkey rides and swing-boats were set up on the sands and people flocked from far and wide.   Children made sandcastles there and the grown-ups relaxed in deck chairs and threw crusts at the seagulls.  Sadly, for reasons no-one can account for,  the beach fell into disuse and before long the city-planners built a shopping centre over it. You can still find souvenirs  from the ‘time of the beach’ if you look hard enough, and older people still talk about it with affection.  My project is a celebration of the distant memory of Coventry Beach.